Nature around the house


From the terrace it is possible to see and hear birds such as Common Kingfisher, Blue Rock Thrush, Hoopoe and Azure-winged Magpie on a daily basis. European Bee-eater, Golden Oriole and Nightingale are also plentiful except in the winter months when they are further south in tropical Africa.

A pair of Bonelli’s Eagle also breed in the area and are seen on most days. In the summer and autumn groups of over-flying Griffon Vultures are equally impressive.

Otters live in the stream, and can be seen with a bit of patience and luck. At dusk Wild Boar and Red Deer are regularly seen.

Around the stone walls geckos and lizards can be found, and sometimes a Ladder Snake, warming up in the sun.

The area is rich in flora with several species of orchid, cistus and much more. If the orange trees and cistus are in bloom then there is a lovely scent in the air. There are often plenty of butterflies around the garden, the most impressive of which is the Monarch.

text-bloemenAdjoining the land is a stream, a continuation of the Arade river which begins in the nearby reservoir. This stream can be full of colours and sizes of dragonflies and damselflies. Around the stream it’s possible to enjoy the singing Cetti’s Warblers and various other species can be seen at close range as they come to drink. The harmless Viperine Water Snake is often seen here.

Flora & Fauna

Below is a list of some of the flora and fauna that has been recorded in the area. As you can see it is not complete, and would welcome any sightings and information to make it as complete as possible.



Eurasian Teal

Red-legged Partridge

Common Quail

Great Cormorant

Western Cattle Egret

Little Egret

Grey Heron

White Stork

Griffon Vulture

Short-toed Snake-eagle

Booted Eagle

Bonelli’s Eagle

Common Buzzard

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

Common Kestrel


Common Moorhen

Black-winged Stilt

Little Ringed Plover

Common Sandpiper

Eurasian Greenshank

Green Sandpiper

Common Snipe

Yellow-legged Gull

Lesser black-backed Gull

Wood Pigeon

European Turtle Dove

Collared Dove

Common Cuckoo

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Tawny Owl

Little Owl

Red-necked Nightjar

Common Swift

Pallid Swift

Alpine Swift

Eurasian Hoopoe

Common Kingfisher

European Bee-eater

Iberian Green Woodpecker

Great spotted Woodpecker

Lesser spotted Woodpecker

Eurasian Skylark

Crested Lark

Sand Martin

House Martin

Barn Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow

Meadow Pipit

Tree Pipit

White Wagtail

Grey Wagtail


European Robin

Common Nightingale

Black Redstart

Common Redstart

European Stonechat

Song Thrush


Common Blackbird

Blue Rock Thrush


Garden Warbler

Sardinian Warbler

Western Subalpine Warbler

Dartford Warbler

Zitting Cisticola

European Reed Warbler

Melodious Warbler

Willow Warbler

Western Bonelli’s Warbler

Common Chiffchaff

Iberian Chiffchaff


Winter Wren

Great Tit

Blue Tit

Crested Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Short-toed Treecreeper

Woodchat Shrike

Azure-winged Magpie

Eurasian Jay

Spotless Starling

Golden Oriole

House Sparrow

Common Chaffinch




European Siskin

European Serin



Corn Bunting

Rock Bunting


Red Admiral

Painted Lady


Egyptian Mongoose

Red Deer

Wild Boar

Common genet

European Rabbit

Red Fox

European Badger

Southern water vole

Green winged orchid

Man orchid

Sombre bee-orchid

Yellow bee-orchid

Mirror orchid

Viperine water snake

Ladder snake

Moorisch gecko

Large psammodromus

Iberian green frog

Common toad

Mediterranean tree frog

Iberian ribbed newt

Spanish pond turtle

Iberian worm lizard